What’s new in ES?

Eastern Sun is a mod designed for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction v. 1.10, created by Perfect Cell and Lothar and then continued to be worked on by reiyo_oki and tsuru of The Phrozen Keep (www.d2mods.com). One of the most popular and extensively developed mods for Diablo II, Eastern Sun features a number of enhancements to the original game. Eastern Sun adds new skills, monsters, dungeons, items, runewords, cuberecipies, bosses and more, while at the same time keeping all the original items and skills in the game. Several bulletpoints:

• Eastern Sun increased all monsters’ level, life, defense, damage, attack rating and experience granted

• monsters are re-allocated and new monsters were added, including Black Knight, Goatman Lord, Beholder, Succubus from Diablo I, King Leoric, Belhifeit, Cyclops and others

• the max character level is 100

• acts 2, 3 and 5 maps have been altered

• new cube recipes – some of them are very powerful and requires a scroll to use the recipe. Scrolls can be dropped out from monsters

• new runes & runewords

• new cubing materials, e.g. Dragon Stone (Dragon Stonning allows you to precisely boost almost any of the item stats, depending on what you currently need!)

• new gems (mainly used to obtain “uber runes”)

• “uber runes” – extremely powerful runes useful for “Kanji” Runewords – the most powerful runewords in Eastern Sun mod

• gemwords! (inserting several PGems into a socket item gives you a gemword)

• new item types (e.g. Knuckles, Battle Arms, Class only rings and amulets)

• you can fully equip your mercenary! (yes, with belt, boots, gloves, rings & amulets)

• “uber locations” – don’t go there unless your character is a superman!

• extended stash and inventory space

• some really cool & extremely useful items, available at vendors:

o Tokenizer – Cube an item with a Tokenizer and it will occupy less space!

o Socket Donaught – Finally you can add as many sockets as you want!

o Rerolling Orb – this is my favourite; you can stash here all the rings, amulets, charms, jevels and after reaching a certain # of points, you can reroll it (e.g. 7 magic rings can be rerolled into 1 rare ring). RECYCLE!

o Rune Stocker, Gem Stocker, Multi Stocker – Tired with collecting many runes/gems/other smalls? Save space and use Rune Stocker instead!

…. and much, much more!